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Hello! Vanhu VeZimbabwe

Visa Application
Make Your Career Dreams A Reality By 
Studying Abroad with Edudite At The Best Universities

Get upto 70% Scholarship on Tution Fee
At India's Top Universities


Be a Part of the Edudite Zimbabwean
Community Making Their Dreams
Come True in India.
Here You Can Join 10,000+ International Students From 85+ Countries and a unique exposure to 200+ International Professors

International Students
Scholarship fund Upto

study abroad

on Tuition Fees


Our Globally Recognized Programs

Visa Application
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Here Is How We Make You The Best

Through Our Finest Facilities For Skilling & Training

Visa Application


My experience with Edudite has been as smooth as silk, they helped me with all my application process, with my visa application as well as my departure from Namibia to the University.

Visa Application


I came through Edudite I really appreciate these people, these people help me to apply Visa and my registration and other necessary processes.

study abroad


I came to study in India through Edudite, they helped me in career guidance and they made the application process very easy and simple

Taj Mahal - Wonder of the world


If You Are Searching For The Right Destination
For Your Education…

Here is Why India
Is the Best For You!
Low Cost of Living

The cost of living is relatively low, while offering the world’s best facilities and resources as well as technologies

High Quality of Education

India is breaching into the top global rankings – 24th the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings,consisting of top Universities.

Cultural Diversity

A Unique exposure to the best cultural diversity with a diversity of cultures, languages, cuisine and festivals.

Rich in Culture & Heritage Sites

Unique blend of heritage and modern co-existence also known for Gujarati Cuisine, Heritage Sites, Fun Loving, and Friendly People.

5th Largest Economy

India’s economy is the 5th largest economy of the world, it is home to a growing number of fortune 500 firms

Safest and Student Friendly State

Gujarat Is amongst the safest states for children, women and the elderly in India with a crime rate of only 22.1%.

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Please Fill the form with correct details and Our Team will contact you for more details and to get the application moving !

Study abroad
Study Abroad with Edudite
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