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6 Tips to Pack for your visit to India : The Magical Land ! Incredible India !

Travelling and settling into a new country can be tough, so here are a few suggestions to sort out your packing dilemmas.

1. Travel Insurance is Important Emergencies and mishaps cannot be predicted. It’s better to be prepared in advance and purchasing travel insurance will give you peace of mind. Opt for travel insurance from your own country - one that covers health issues, damaged or lost luggage, accidents, travel delays, and other possible eventualities.

2. Power Adapter/Transformer 220-volt electricity is used in India. If your electronic devices function on a lower voltage, you will need to pack necessary transformers, converters and adapters to avoid frying them.

3. Passport pouch You obviously need a passport and visa, but you should avoid carrying it around. Take a photocopy of your originals and put all your credit/debit cards, cash and important documents that you don’t require on a daily basis in a pouch and leave them at your residence.

4. Clothes to pack Packing the right clothes can be a bit tricky as the weather can be extremely hot or/and humid, the air dusty and your choice of clothing can dictate how you are perceived.Pack outfits that conservative yet light. While cities and beach destinations have a somewhat ‘relaxed’ dress code, smaller villages may not have the same outlook. So, keep in mind the local culture and dress accordingly.Winter in Delhi may be different from winter in Mumbai, so you should pack a light coat/jacket for evenings and an umbrella/raincoat for the monsoons.Don’t pack too much either as you’ll be able to tell what dress code is acceptable after you spend a few weeks here. Read up on what your University says about the dress code. You can also buy what you need from the many malls and colourful markets in India.Holy places and temples require you to cover your head and take off your shoes before entering, so investing in a shawl or scarf is a good idea. Additionally, you can use these scarves to protect yourself from the dust while travelling.

5. ToiletriesMosquitoes are common in India, so pack an insect repellent and carry long pants to wear at dusk and dawn to get the best natural protection.Hand sanitiser should also be carried at all times.Toilet paper is still mostly unused in India. Only the more expensive hotels carry it. When you’re out and about you will be hard pressed to find a place that has any. Toilet paper is available on Amazon, select pharmacies or you can simply bring a few normal rolls from home.

6. MedicationCarry all necessary medication as well as OTC drugs for diarrhoea and flu. There are pharmacies and chemists all over India but it’s nice to come prepared and give yourself time to get acquainted with the city and find your way around.Everything else you need is available in stores and can be ordered online as well. You can get your items delivered to our doorstep via e-commerce websites like Amazon and FlipKart.So get packing, and we’ll see you soon!

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Roman Hinanifa
Roman Hinanifa
19 feb 2020

Roman Hinanifa will soon be in India.

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