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Why India should be your destination for business studies?

India: home to 1.3 billion people, 22 official languages, and more than 300 universities with Business courses.

The Business studies in India are a rite of passage for business professionals; a skill-upgrader; and a door-opener to exciting career opportunities.

The Indian sub-continent dominated the world economy with its great knowledge in trading and commerce. India made for 20% of the world GDP until the 18th century – when the British East India Company took control.

After gaining independence in 1947, India became the world’s biggest democracy, with 30 universities and 695 colleges by 1950.

As of today, India has a whopping number of 789 universities and close to 40,000 colleges.

India’s government has deemed higher education to be a critical imperative and has encouraged the infrastructure for preparing world class business leaders.

In fact, analysts predict that an “Indian Century,” lies ahead due to the country's status as an emerging economy.

Future global leaders looking for the unprecedented opportunities to learn from within an emerging economy are turning toward a new hotspot for the pursuit of Business Studies: India.

The number of business schools in India tripled within a five year period to include 360,000 seats, of which many are expected to serve international students. Furthermore, Indian business schools are offering about 100 different courses in the field of business.

A recent study revealed that about 80 percent of graduates from Indian business schools believe that their degrees gave them a leading edge during the job hunt.

The business schools in India have shown great numbers of campus recruitments by over 500 domestic and global companies, such as Google, Facebook and Apple, with rising salaries for graduate as well as post graduate students.

India offers high quality education at an affordable price. The costs of pursuing a business course in Europe and the US can cost more than $100,000. That can leave you with a lot of funding issues. On the other hand, studying in India would cost you one tenth of that.

Business programs in India also give you a big return on your investment, with great placements and salaries.

Just like in the West, big-name companies like Amazon, Google, McKinsey, and Uber hire business graduates from Indian business schools.

Business studies in India are not only affordable; they’re also heavily subsidised. Many Indian universities will offer you generous scholarships, for financially trapped students, based on academic achievements.

As career opportunities go, nothing is quite as exciting as the high-octane life of an entrepreneur. India is a buzzing hive of startup activity, with 1,200 new startups founded in 2018 alone. India is positioned to be at the forefront of new market opportunities.

It’s exciting to study in India and be part of providing solutions.

India’s startup story is the main reason you should consider studying here.

India’s position as a leading emerging market makes it an even better option for a place to study, with new innovations and changes popping up all the time. Studying in an emerging market will also give you that unique value proposition; a different perspective which can give you an edge when applying to jobs back home.

Amazing people, colourful festivals, and fantastic food. India offers a little bit of everything—wildlife, temples, beaches, deserts, the Himalayas, and the Taj Mahal. Imagine doing a business course in your dream holiday destination—India offers exactly that.

India’s emerging economy delivers a perfect storm of opportunities for those in search of a new perspective. And because India is expected to continue to play such a vital role on the international stage, students who learn to navigate these intercultural differences now will be positioned as highly sought after employees moving forward.

For those international candidates who choose to study in India, an unforgettable journey awaits; a ride on the wave of a rising emerging market.

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Written by -

Aayushi Gupta

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